Choosing the Right Battery for Your Oil Products

Choosing the Right Battery for Your Oil Products

One of the most vital parts of developing a vape pen is choosing the battery. It’s the first thing that will draw a customer’s eye to your product, and it’s a chance to provide a full cannabis experience with your carefully formulated oil.

To craft a legendary vaporizer pen product, it’s important to consider not only the costs of the features each battery brings to the table, but also the appropriateness of each feature for your target customer.

Your Ideal Consumer

Lots of people vape, but everyone vapes a little differently. Before you decide on the final design of your vape pen, it’s important to hone in on and visualize your buyer.

Imagine a detailed persona that come to mind when you envision your ideal customer. This could be anything from a 28-year-old cannabis connoisseur, a 40-year-old busy parent, or a senior consumer who is totally new to cannabis. Each will be using the vape in a different setting, at a different time of day, and for a different reason.

By identifying this person (or persons), you can then visualize their daily life and how they might prefer to use a vape product. This will help guide you toward the right vaporizer battery options for your goals. Without this person in mind, you risk falling short of their very real expectations for their vaporizer.

Lifestyle Matching Your Vape Battery

After identifying your target market, it’s time to find the right balance between your goals and your customers’ preferences by choosing your battery.

Your vaporizer battery options come with either single or variable temperature settings, as well as automatic drag-power and manual push-button functionalities. Both of these decisions introduce the classic dilemma of convenience versus control. Determine if having more control over the vaping experience is something your ideal customer would care deeply about, and then build accordingly.

There’s also the issue of battery structure. Pen batteries are simple to use, and work interchangeably with any 510 threaded cartridge. Unfortunately, their sleek look is now recognized practically worldwide, taking away some of the mystery and discretion that consumers love when using their vape.

The palm battery format is newer, and transforms the vape cartridge into a compact device that sits hidden in the palm of the hand.

These batteries are also 510 threaded for universal use, but provide a little flair and a lot of confidence for the consumer, whether they are looking to hide their vape discreetly, or show off the sleek new format to their fellow enthusiasts. They come in a range of colors including pink, silver, blue and black – with special engraving options available to fully custom-brand your customer’s vaping experience.

Want more visibility? Consider the vape battery display box option to catch the customer’s eye and put your brand out in the open.

Kush Supply Co. is a proud partner of CCELL, creator of the beautiful, functional and incredible discreet palm battery. Our vape consultants are ready to consult on your company’s vision – contact us today to see if it’s right for your business.

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