Concentrates Lead the Cannabis Market in Product Growth and Innovation

Concentrates Lead the Cannabis Market in Product Growth and Innovation

Cannabis consumers simply can’t get enough of concentrates. Oil-filled vaporizer pens are flying off the shelves nationwide, shatters and resins are in high demand – not to mention all of the edible, drinkable and topical products infused with extracted cannabis oil.

Top cannabis business intelligence firm BDS Analytics crunched the data from 2014 to 2017, and projects a total worldwide legal cannabis market value of $57 billion by next year. Now, with concentrates already gaining ground on infused edibles and drinkable products, it’s certain to be a big year for cannabis processors and craft concentrate artists.

Will your business be part of the revolution in cannabis concentrate innovation?

Changing Preferences

Many cultivators may assume that most cannabis consumers prefer good old fashioned flower. The fact is that the average consumer has changed, and their preferences have shifted. Modern cannabis buyers are attracted to the potent flavors and clean inhalation experience that concentrates provide.

According to the BDS Analytics report, flower sales in Colorado have actually dropped from 70 percent to under 50 percent between 2014 and 2017 – with concentrates like shatter, wax, live resin and caviar showing the most growth.

As the first state to implement liberal adult-use policies, Colorado still tends to lead when it comes to product trends. You can be sure that the influence of their connoisseur-quality concentrates will soon begin to influence the brand new midwestern cannabis markets that are just now learning the ropes.

Consumers in different parts of the country are becoming more educated on different consumption formats – requiring a diverse set of processing approaches. As concentrate consumer trends move quickly, brands must be agile and open to all their options when it comes to cannabis extraction.

Opportunities for Innovation

The good news is that there is still plenty of room for brands to get in on the ground floor of the concentrate boom. From vaporizers to natural product-rich sauces, companies are free to innovate and optimize their extractions for a totally custom cannabis consumption experience every time.

Whether your goal is to produce high-yield CO2 extracts, potent shatter, or award-winning live resin, your operation will need a steady vendor partner to supply your volatile and non-volatile extraction materials without interruption.

Kush Energy is the one stop shop for a complete range of solvents and hydrocarbons for cannabis extraction. We understand the concentrate business, and we know that your operation is likely to face fluctuations in supply and demand. With us as your solvent vendor, those changes will be handled with professionalism and ease, delivering supplies in a pinch and tweaking your delivery dates until they’re just right.

Geography is no issue when it comes to providing paramount customer service. We operate ten facilities nationwide to follow the cannabis industry wherever it grows next.

Our business thrives when yours grows. Reach out to our Kush Energy division and experience the difference that working with industry insiders brings.

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