Creating a Memorable Vape Experience

Creating a Memorable Vape Experience

Vaporization is on the rise, and it’s attracting new and past cannabis consumers in addition to connoisseurs. Entering the vape pen market is a smart strategy for any cannabis company looking to diversify its product offerings and endure market volatility.

So many options are available when it comes to creating a premium vaporization experience that your end consumers will remember and talk about. Now you too can leave your mark on the vaporizer market, with these tips in mind.

Crafting A Lasting Aesthetic

Vaporizers are touted as the technology of tomorrow. Ensuring that your vape product fits that mold – or better yet, breaks the mold – is vital when building brand recognition you need to succeed in this space.

The first question you should ask yourself if how you want your vape product to be perceived. There are a few types of vape consumers, and they look for different attributes. Do you want your vape pen to be a great value, a heavy hitter, or a stylish luxury accessory?

Once you have a vision, it’s time to make it a reality. There are a wide range of options available when building your vape, including batteries (disposable, automatic, or manual) , cartridge formats (glass or plastic), heating elements (ceramic or wick), and a myriad of packaging options. Each factor will contribute to the final sticker price that customers will see, so choose wisely and align the build with your ultimate brand and business goals.

Remember – there are ways to build your vape product to be inexpensive, without being cheaply made. Quality construction is something your customers will notice, whether they are seeking something to complement their personal taste of style, or looking for the best value for their money.

Providing A Fail-Proof Experience

Customers may not remember your vape right away – but they will definitely remember if it fails. Cheap oils and cheap vape pen construction have plagued the cannabis industry for far too long. Above all, today’s consumers are looking for something that is as reliable as it is effective.

The best vape cartridges are optimized to the type of oil being used and the environment. The goal is to create the most enjoyable vaping experience from vapor flow when pulling to taste and consistency, while ensuring the long life of the product. For example, thinner oils work best with a smaller mouthpiece aperture, while more viscous oils work best with a larger aperture to prevent clogging. Some cartridges are even designed for high altitude environments – you can thank the Colorado cannabis industry for the tech advances that make this possible.

Choosing the correct heating element for your build is of utmost importance when creating a memorable experience for your customer. CCELL ceramic heating elements are the industry standard, and provide a cleaner, more consistent vaporization experience when compared to wick-based elements. CCELL provides a trustworthy, turn-key solution for a fail-proof vape cartridge.

Kush Supply Co. is an official CCELL partner, and offers a full range of vape components, accessories, and branding packages to take your product all the way from concept to commodity. Satisfying today’s discerning vaporizer customers has never been easier.

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