Delivering on the Entourage Effect with Extracts

Delivering on the Entourage Effect with Extracts

Have you heard of the Entourage Effect? Anyone interested in the cannabis field should understand this principle. When all of the various cannabinoids, natural products such as limonene and flavonoids within the cannabis plant start working together, they have a combined therapeutic effect on the consumer.

Though THC is touted as the “active ingredient” in cannabis, the synergistic Entourage Effect provides a greater sense of well-being than just the effect of THC alone. The best way to encapsulate that effect is to vaporize concentrated cannabis oil that is rich in natural products as well as cannabinoids.

Vaping is one of the biggest drivers of first-time cannabis buyers today. Extract vaporizers provide a discreet, fast, and flavorful way of consuming cannabis that appeals to the sensibilities of wellness- and tech-conscious people both young and old. Because it doesn’t involve burning plant material, it is a viable and relatively healthy consumption method for almost anyone.

Several factors go into a vaporizer product, all of which make for a different set of pros and cons, as well as a unique experience for each customer when selecting a vape product for their needs.

Maximizing The Effect

When thinking about how cannabis affects the body and mind of the consumer, think of a vehicle. Natural products are like the steering wheel for the vehicle, and THC is the fuel. Generally, THC drives the psychoactive “high” effect of cannabis, while the natural products direct the precise side effects, whether uplifting or sedative.

While there are hundreds of strains out there, consumers often tend to look for the same tried-and-true profiles, creating high demand for a small number of strain profiles. Providing extracts to your customers that match these profiles will make your brand stand out.

Luckily, using today’s technology, you can easily isolate the flavor profile of any strain, without actually having to grow that plant. All it takes is the precise addition of the correct high quality natural products – like those offered by AbstraxTech.

Last but not least, the hardware your vape is built with, and the accessories provided with it, can also sway a buyer’s decision. For an introduction to vaporizer hardware and accessories commonly used for vaping concentrates, see our blog on vaporizer components.

Types of Cannabis Extracts

No matter what type of flavor or effect you are looking to impart with your new vape product, it can be achieved with modern extraction and infusion technologies. There are a few cannabis extraction methods to consider when deciding how to fill your vaporizer.

  • Butane Hash Oil (BHO)
    • BHO, when processed in a properly outfitted legal environment, is known as one of the cleanest extracts available. Cured cannabis flowers are processed with food grade butane, which is vacuum-purged away to reveal only pure, natural product-rich cannabis oil.
  • Live Resin
    • This is a form of BHO that delivers a whole plant experience rich in natural products and anti-inflammatory cannabinoids, derived from fresh and flash-frozen cannabis flowers. The freshness of the raw material results in the most flavorful and uplifting vaporization experience of all.
  • Sauce
    • For connoisseurs, sauce is one of the most desirable concentrates. The procedure for making sauce involves a slow extraction process, which preserves a high concentration of natural products as well as a rich concentration of cannabinoids, for a more complete high.
  • Distillate
    • Distilling cannabis oil is one of the easiest ways to achieve a super high concentration of cannabinoids, namely THC, for a vaporizer. However, the distillation process also removes the natural products from the resulting oil. Many distillate vape producers choose to add natural products to the final formula in order to provide a customized flavor.

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