Disposable Vape Pen Options Made Simple

Disposable Vape Pen Options Made Simple

The disposable vape pen is a popular new riff on a modern favorite. While options with a battery and cartridges are still dominating the market, many consumers simply prefer the simplicity of a self-contained, disposable pen that doesn’t require any charging or maintenance.

These devices are proving to be much more than just a throw-away. A wide range of considerations go into a disposable vape pen build, including oil capacity, product and brand visibility, and finish color. When done right, these vapes can be quite cost effective while still elegant and appealing to a very underserved bloc of cannabis consumers.

There are a few different disposable vape pen options on the market today. Read on to learn more about them, and how to stand out in this fast-paced segment of the cannabis industry.

Who Wants A Disposable Vape?

The first step in entering the ready-to-use vape pen space is understanding the product, and the consumers who purchase it.

Disposable vapes offer a totally uncomplicated vaping delivery method for those intimidated by the typical battery and cartridge models.

Some seniors, for example, want to try vaping for the wellness benefits – but may be overwhelmed with all the various parts they need to buy. Busy professionals may be looking for something reliable, that they don’t need to remember to charge before they head out for their day. Others might want something they can pick up quickly and use without fuss for the duration of their weekend, an event, or a vacation.

Above all, customers considering a disposable vaporizer are looking for consistency. They want to feel confident that this pen will be their first choice to grab and go, and will work the same every time with minimal effort on their part. You can build this confidence in your product by working with great cannabis oil, and by carefully choosing your vape hardware partner.

Building A Ready-To-Use Vape Pen

Disposable vapes typically offer a capacity of either .3ml or .5ml within the oil cartridge itself. In particular, the .3ml chamber gives you the ability to offer a vape option that new consumers will feel comfortable trying, and at a significantly lower price point.

Lastly, you must decide how you want your vape to look – both inside its package and during use.

Choose a polished finish of either matte black or stainless steel to cater to your customers’ sense of style and match your overall brand identity. Custom branding is always available to make a statement and keep your brand visible each time the vape is used, though should be kept simple and true to your overall brand identity. Our vaporizer consultants at Kush Supply Co. are well versed in all the latest technology and features, with the industry experience to help you create the ready-to-use vape pen of your dreams. View our full arsenal of disposable vape pen options and get in touch with our team today.

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