Kush Supply Co. Unveils Enhanced Label Application Capabilities

Kush Supply Co. Unveils Enhanced Label Application Capabilities

Updated: Monday, March 11, 2019

As the ancillary powerhouse of the regulated cannabis & CBD industries, our client partners have come to expect the very best in packaging products from us. Our range of services goes above and beyond to offer the most complete supply chain solution for bringing your brands to life.

Kush Supply Co.’s printing & labeling capabilities are designed to be flexible with a wide range of personalized options such as specialty embellishments, direct printing, custom digital prints, & much more.

Whatever you are trying to achieve with your packaging products, we can help you create that memorable look and feel.

Enhanced label application services

With recent upgraded in-house industrial label applicators, we now provide speedier processing and up to 50% OFF our previous pricing on label application fees for products like glass jars, pre-roll tubes & more! Along with new labeling options on popular SKUs like CCELL® disposables and Loctin™ containers.

Longtime customers will be thrilled to now pay just a fraction of what they were before, along with an increased output capacity for larger orders:

  • Glass Jars – up to 120,000 per day
  • Preroll Tubes – up to 60,000 per day
  • Loctin™ Containers – up to 5,000 per day
  • CCELL® Disposable Batteries – up to 6,000 per day

These advancements will allow us to significantly improve product quality, eliminate production errors, provide faster turnarounds, and exceed customer expectations for high-quality products at an affordable price.

The benefits of partnering with Kush Supply Co.

When you bring your custom labeling projects to Kush Supply Co., we act as true partners to your team and work to ensure that your branding needs are fully met.

  • Label application fees typically 50% lower than the competition.
  • Precision application of your branding on Kush Supply Co. products.
  • Increased labeling speeds on large runs for shorter turnaround times.
  • Eliminates the need for manual application, saving you money on labor costs.
  • Utilizes world-renowned Cognex In-Sight® vision inspection systems for real-time application consistency & quality control.
  • Straight labels, every time.

With these new developments, we always keep our main goal in mind – improving the business operations of cannabis brands we work with by making them more efficient and helping to increase their bottom line. More exciting, cutting-edge products and services are on the horizon.

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