Full Spectrum Branding Provides the “Entourage Effect” for Your Products

Full Spectrum Branding Provides the “Entourage Effect” for Your Products

Aside from quality raw material, the key to creating a well-branded cannabis product is providing a pleasurable experience similar to popular consumer packaged goods.

By observing the health and wellness industry at large, we can guess where the cannabis market is getting its major branding influences. From supplements, to beauty products, to food and beverage packages, there are so many messages to be conveyed. Companies play creatively with the materials and colors used in their packaging in order to stand out from the rest.

Cannabis is now a part of the wellness industry, and just as full spectrum cannabis products create a synergistic “entourage effect,” a full spectrum branding approach is the best way to create a timeless product line.  

Appealing To the Senses

Consumers become attached not only to the way their favorite products work, but also to the aesthetic and lifestyle surrounding the product. This is reinforced by advertising and social media campaigns which tell a story about how the product should be used, as well as text and images used on the packaging.

Brands can easily send signals to their customers with the packaging they choose for their products. They may invest in a custom-folded box design or a material that is smooth to the touch in order to convey the product’s luxurious qualities. Other brands may want to use exclusively recycled and sustainable packaging to show a commitment to protecting the environment.

Ultimately, it’s about making your brand relatable to the consumer – and when it comes to cannabis, everyone is looking for something a little different. There are plenty of opportunities to create custom cannabis packaging that beckons warmly to your ideal customer.


Accounting for Vertical Integration

Many cannabis brands are vertically integrated, touching multiple areas of the manufacturing supply chain. If this applies to your company, you should check in periodically on your brand’s consistency.

Take a look at your full line of products and their packaging, side by side. Does it all create a cohesive visual story that connects the products to one another, and the customer back to your brand? If not, it’s time to go back to the drawing board to develop some universal themes.

Don’t forget to create a multi-sensory experience for the customer, from the size of the package, the colors and designs used in packaging, and ultimately, the look, feel, tastes, aromas, and mental or physical side effects of your products themselves. This is the true “entourage effect” of cannabis branding!

Discover Your Best Branding Partner

Companies getting “the works” from their cannabis branding agency will have a consistent use of logo and color schemes across all vape cartridge packages, glass flower jars, barrier bags, concentrate containers and even pre-roll tubes.

As the industry’s original one stop shop for custom cannabis packaging solutions, Kush Supply Co. offers a wide range of design service packages – from Basic artwork prep through Ultimate top-to-bottom packaging design consultation – to suit the needs of any business.

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