Keep Your Concentrates Fresh with Cool Child Resistant Concentrate Containers 🕶

Keep Your Concentrates Fresh with Cool Child Resistant Concentrate Containers 🕶

Sunlight, water, and air.

Without these elements, life would be pretty dull (and probably non-existent).

But if you produce BHO, diamonds, live resin, shatter, budder, or any other concentrate…these elements can actually HARM your precious extracts.

Yep, all that time and effort making sure your concentrates come out just right.

But if you’re using the same ol’ transparent glass or plastic concentrate containers, you’re doing yourself and your customers a HUGE disfavor 🚫.

To make matters worse, if they’re not child-resistant, it means kids can access the product inside 👎. Major foul.

SO, how do you offer a full flavor profile experience for consumers while staying compliant?

The answer is easy, my friend.

UV protection!

More specifically, UV Glass Child Resistant Concentrate Containers.

But alas, not all jars are created equal.

The “other guys” are trying to sell you on what appears to be the same quality. However, a closer look shows a highly inferior product and design!

Doesn’t your brand deserve better?

Kush Supply Co. premium Black UV Glass Child Resistant Concentrate Containers are on a whole other level.

First off, the cap sits flush against the jar, for a clean sleek look. The cap and jar are seamless, and they look GREAT together!

Secondly, they protect your extracts like a champ 💪. Keeping light, air, moisture, and other impurities away from your concentrates.

They’re also child-resistant certified so you can be sure product is kept safe from prying eyes 👀 and little ones 👶.

Plus, we’ve got cool new colors in the works too, like this slick white concentrate container (call your sales rep for availability, additional information, and pricing) that totally stands out on the retail shelf.

With direct print options available, be the FIRST concentrates producer to rock these brand new, sexier jars!

This unique and proprietary design is Patent Pending, that means Kush Supply Co. is the only company where you can find these…at a highly competitive price!

Normally, the “other guys” sell their ugly jars that barely protect your extracts for about $0.55 each. But why go the cheap route?

Prevent your concentrates from decaying into a yucky, putrid state and upgrade your brand to better concentrate packaging, for as low as $0.75 each.

Or give us a call at 888-920-KUSH to make sure you’re on the list for the next shipment, inquire about additional colors, and custom printing capabilities.