Keeping Cannabis Products Compliant with State Regulations

Keeping Cannabis Products Compliant with State Regulations

In the cannabis industry, packaging compliance is typically defined by three factors: branding, labeling, and child safety. When it comes to designing a finished product that will stand the test of regulations, these factors go hand in hand.

When it comes to providing packaging options for cannabis businesses, Kush Supply Co.’s goal is to always meet or exceed the requirements for state compliant cannabis packaging. In fact, it’s official company policy.

Read on for a glimpse into the world of cannabis product packaging and labeling.

Regulated for Safety

Cannabis product packaging and labeling is subject to dozens of regulations which vary by state, but all exist to establish some standard of safety. The main priorities for regulators are to provide security and transparency for consumers, and to prevent unintended intake by children. That means properly securing and marking each individual package.

Most legal cannabis markets require cannabis packages to be child-resistant. This begs the question of whether a brand will use single-serve or reusable packaging since each has different costs associated with the child-proofing element.

The law also plays a role in the labeling of cannabis goods. Most states require a plethora of information from the compliance process to be printed on the package itself. Track-and-trace batch record numbers, QR codes or barcodes, certified lab test results, detailed dosage breakdown, and a state-approved cannabis alert icon are just a few pieces of information usually required for cannabis product labels.

These requirements keep consumers and their families safe while keeping your brand on the shelf and on the right side of state regulations. It may seem like an unnecessary expense, but smart operators can do the legwork to create safe and compliant packages at a cost that is right for their product.

Building A Compliant Brand

There are many branding considerations to think about when designing cannabis packaging. The first, and most obvious, is that your desired brand aesthetic is likely going to be at odds with labeling regulations in some one.

Cannabis companies must learn to adapt their ideas to stay compliant at all times while still portraying the brand identity, even if that means toning down certain elements of the visual brand, omitting art or text to make more room for required labeling information.

Again, children are the main beneficiaries of most of these policies. Some states, including California and Pennsylvania, have strict regulations against “child attractive” labels. Cannabis product labels are regulated in terms of visibility from the shelf or display case, communicating certain messages or depicting certain types of artwork on the packaging itself that may pique the interest of a curious child.

Cannabis companies looking to brand across multiple states face the challenge of editing the package design to comply with each market’s unique regulations. In these cases, building brand consistency must be considerate of local laws. Usually, this means simplifying package design so that the brand can maintain a consistent look and feel in different markets.

Kush Supply Co. has been the leader in compliant cannabis packaging.

Beyond our deep understanding of cannabis policy compliance, we also have design experts ready to consult on any custom packaging design project. Team with us to quickly and easily lock down the tools your business needs to bring compliant cannabis products to market.

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