Key Factors in Packaging Marijuana Flower

Key Factors in Packaging Marijuana Flower

Cannabis cultivators take immense pride in their product, and thus, many prefer to package their flower in beautiful, practical, and professional finished packages.

As true cannabis industry packaging professionals, we compiled the following three key factors for cultivators, distributors and retailers looking to transform their carefully crafted flower into a polished consumer product in today’s competitive industry.

Honoring Regulatory Requirements

Legalization has brought with it new safety considerations and rules for packaging. Compliance with state and local regulations is a key design consideration, and more often, a constraint when branding marijuana flower.

There are many compliance questions to consider with your packaging. Can the flower be visible to the consumer through the package? Is it allowed to be opened and smelled in-store? It’s vital to determine what your local regulations will allow for.

In most legal cannabis markets, flower is required to be pre-packaged in sealed child resistant containers, which conceals both the look and scent of your product from the consumer. Some dispensaries will offer samples to smell, but some won’t – and even if they do, floor samples of flower tend to dry out and lose their appeal quickly.

Each locale is different in how it regulates the final flower package and the retail environment it is presented in, and this will influence your packaging decisions.

Satisfying Customer Preferences

The experienced and discerning cannabis consumer is looking for a few key qualities when shopping for flower. These are the basic considerations when considering whether or not you will package your harvested buds (and how much you will invest in showing off the product).

Modern customers are looking for a good outer appearance to the bud – large and dense in appearance, rich in color, and well trimmed, whether that be machine or hand trimmed. Many will also look deeper at the actual trichomes of the plant to determine its potency.

If your flower shows strongly in those areas, it’s a good idea to showcase that in any way possible. A glass jar may look professional, and show off your buds, but won’t work if the state requires you to shield your product from the customer’s view. For cheaper quality flower, a simple pop-top container may suffice. Therefore, your main challenge is to find a packaging solution that will preserve all the best qualities your bud has to offer, while staying compliant.

Preserving & Conveying Quality

Growers and distributors have another important question to consider when it comes to packaging flower: how do you best preserve the profile of natural products found in the flower such as humulene?

High THC levels may attract a customer, but ultimately, natural products like myrcene sell. These chemical components literally live on the edge of the cannabis flower, in the form of delicate trichomes. Trichomes can easily dry out when exposed to air or light, and when this happens, the flower loses natural product content rapidly. However, you want customers to understand what you are offering. So, it’s good to be creative and explain the aromatic profile in other ways.

One solution: use colors and other visual elements to convey the mood, aroma and flavor. That way, even in a barrier bag, those qualities can still shine through in a way that makes sense.

Another tip is to invest in retailer education, so budtenders and sales associates can describe your flower’s aromas and effects directly to the customer. Over time, this will give customers a feel for your aromatic profiles – even if they aren’t able to smell the product in-store.

No matter what you choose, there are ways to brand your cannabis flower so that nothing is left to the customer’s imagination.

Get in touch with our knowledgeable cannabis packaging design consultants today to find the right flower packaging solution for your business.

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