Kush Canister – A KushCo Innovation

Kush Canister – A KushCo Innovation

KushCo has been winning at the container game since the inception of legal cannabis. However, it takes more than simply vending packaging solutions to stay competitive in cannabis–a space that is home to innovations unlike any other.

Compliance has become the number one issue in cannabis packaging over the last few years. Knowing that the cannabis industry needed a custom solution that could work in several different markets, we set out to solve the issue of packaging compliance once and for all.

We launched the Kush Canister near the end of 2017, right on the cusp of California and Nevada adult-use legalization, in response to the rapidly changing needs of the market. At that time, new state regulations required tighter security on cannabis packaging, including a mandate to ensure all packages are child-resistant.

If you haven’t yet looked into our proprietary container creation, read on to learn more about the features that make Kush Canister the perfect option for your cannabis product packaging needs.

Why Kush Canister?

Kush Canister is specially built for cannabis, as well as for compliance. The container is airtight to product the integrity of your products, and also meets federal standards for child resistance with its child-resistant locking mechanism.

Always cognizant of the hard work you do to keep your brand professional and consistent, KushCo gives you polished color options for this customizable canister. Choose black, white or grey in order to align with your existing color scheme as much as possible.

Kush Canister also has a larger format than the typical container, with a wide mouth that can accommodate edibles as well as larger nugs of flower.

Lastly, at a price under $1, Kush Canister is a simple and fully compliant packaging innovation that practically any licensed operator can afford. It’s a small cost for a professional, consistent look and peace of mind that your container complies with state regulations, no matter where you may choose to expand your business.

Why Trust Us?

Kush Supply Co. is the original and most successful name in the cannabis packaging space. Since the inception of legal medical cannabis, we have worked hard to serve cannabis operators with top-shelf selection and customer service, and the best part has been evolving with the exciting policy changes. Because of our history, we truly know the cannabis industry inside and out.

Rather than reselling cheap versions of existing cannabis containers, we strive to always find the best–and when we can’t find it, we put in the work to create it on our own.

Our promise to you is that we will never cease in our search for innovation and efficiency.

If you have been searching for a new child-resistant container for your flower and edible packaging needs, get in touch with our custom cannabis packaging specialists today.

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