Meeting the Growing Demand for Live Resin

Meeting the Growing Demand for Live Resin

Did you know that the tastiest and most popular cannabis extraction products on the market are made from the freshest cannabis plants?

Live Resin is a type of BHO (butane hash oil) extract that is sweeping the legal cannabis world. The process for creating live resin focuses on using fresh, whole plant product as opposed to traditionally dried and cured flower.

This type of extraction produces a high-quality cannabis “sauce” that can be dabbed or infused into vaporizer pen products. Because of their natural therapeutic properties and tantalizing flavors, Live Resin products are quickly becoming favored over cannabis distillates and CO2 extracts. Here’s why:

The History of Live Butane Extractions

Processing cannabis with butane as a solvent causes it to shed its solid plant matter, leaving only the natural terpenes and cannabinoids behind. Butane has been used for decades to break down cannabis plants into potent concentrated oils for vaporizing or infusing into other products. When this process is done correctly, the butane solvent is purged out of the product, leaving behind absolutely no trace butane, so it is not harmful to the consumer.

Live Resin is a cannabis extraction innovation credited to William “Kind Bill” Fenger – who has been doing cannabis extraction work since 1980 and planted the first cannabis crop meant exclusively for concentrates in 2010. He came up with the idea for a fresh, live butane extraction shortly afterward, and the rest is history.

Though they took a few years to reach commercial popularity, Live Resin extractions are now one of the fastest growing concentrate types as consumers move away from higher-dose distillates and toward highly therapeutic terpene profiles. They are quickly becoming known as the “champagne” of cannabis oils because of their premium price point, uplifting effects, and delicious taste.

The Difference of Freshness

While cured flowers have fully ripened trichomes that contain higher concentrations of THC, they tend to naturally lose much of their original flavor during the drying and curing process. The leaves and flowers of a fresh cannabis plant, however, have a strong, sweet and grassy aroma, and are rich in THCA – a cannabinoid known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Live Resin extractors prefer to harvest cannabis plants early enough to avoid the slow conversion of THCA to THC, as well as harness the very best flavors and aromas that the plant can offer. The end result of the butane extraction is a bright yellowish chunky texture that consists of pure THCA crystals and a slurry of natural terpenes, providing all the aromas from the original plant.

Live Resin has been shown to have much higher terpene levels compared to other concentrates. Vaporizing Live Resin is one of the most ideal ways to achieve the cannabis “entourage effect” – that is, the combined effect of several cannabinoids and terpenes. These all have profound body and mind effects and are best consumed together for the most comprehensive and enjoyable cannabis experience.

We proudly distribute pure and potent supplies for manufacturing live resin, so you can easily create connoisseur-grade cannabis extractions. High-grade butane is one of the primary hydrocarbons we provide at Kush Energy. Choose us, and you choose a reliable partner to help you achieve the highest quality extraction.

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