Packaging Considerations for Cannabis Vape Cartridges

Packaging Considerations for Cannabis Vape Cartridges

Vaporizers are undoubtedly the hottest cannabis product of the moment, transforming the act of inhaling cannabis into a highly potent and flavorful experience.

Discreet and yet high-tech, vape pens are preferred by a wide range of cannabis consumers but are especially common among the young and trendy crowd, the health-conscious, and older, more sophisticated buyers. Consequently, there are upwards of thousands of cannabis extractors creating vape products in order to meet sky-high demand.

Budding cannabis vape brands should consider every fine detail when it comes to packaging and branding their products. Whether you are marketing to curious beginners, true connoisseurs, or medical patients, your finished product must fulfill every function and desire, and still be unique, in order to stand out among the stiff competition in the vaporizer space.

Vape developers should use a dual approach to creating the perfect consumer product: first, establish a brand aesthetic that can be used throughout the product’s components, and then, assemble and package a full experience for the customer.

Brand Aesthetics

Branding is of utmost importance when considering how your product will look in its most crucial moment: on the dispensary shelf, next to dozens of competitors.

It might be tempting to go with generic, unmarked vape components to save money on your cartridge build. However, custom vape cartridge branding is important because it puts your brand on display each time a customer holds and uses the product. After all, what good is a beautiful outer package if the cartridge inside doesn’t match?

Word-of-mouth recommendation is one of the strongest drivers of sales in the cannabis space, and that includes the influence of social media. Creating a vape product that is beautiful, inspired, functional and (dare we say it) Instagram-worthy will go far when it comes to building a loyal customer base.

Remember to ensure that your genius design ideas are compliant with state and local laws. While some legal cannabis markets place restrictions on packaging which prohibit viewing the cartridge from the outside, it’s usually still permissible to put a photo or graphic of the cartridge design on the outside of the package. Work with what you are allowed to craft a lasting experience for your ideal customer.

Investments in Assembly & Packaging

To the untrained eye, vape pens may seem like they are all the same – but a closer look will reveal that the top brands provide a better presentation, and even a more interesting spread of branded accessories, than their competition.

The top vape brands compete by customizing more than just the cartridge body. The battery is also important, as the customer will continue using it, even after the cartridge is spent. Consider assembling complete vape pens and kits for a brand-building experience that also raises the price point of your product. Including more than just the cartridge, like the addition of sleek batteries and vape pen battery chargers, in your package is a simple courtesy to your customers that is likely to keep them loyal to your brand.

Analyzing competitors’ packaging and enlisting professional brand and packaging designers are practically necessities in today’s competitive vaporizer market, to ensure that the product you are creating is truly unique. Design your package in response to what the market demands.

Options for vape packaging typically include plastic or glass tubes, small cardboard boxes, or even custom carrying cases with a slot for each component. While these options may be the same for everyone, the possibilities for these finished packages are as endless as the imagination of their creator.

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