Technology Innovations in Vaporization Products

Technology Innovations in Vaporization Products

If you find yourself engaged in the vaporizer industry, this message is for you. The past two years have brought about a few high-tech advancements that you should definitely know about.

What began as a simplistic way to sell cannabis oil has quickly become a science. Today’s vaporizers are built with high-tech elements, and the best manufacturers are designing their products to provide an efficient and fully customizable vape experience for the consumer.

The cannabis industry has been driving vaporizer innovation in two main areas: heating elements, and specialized builds and accessories.

Innovation in Heat

Today’s vape enthusiasts prefer an optimized experience from start to finish. That means the heating technology must work consistently. How your product actually produces vapor depends on the coil type you choose.

Earlier, primitive cannabis vaporizers were built with cotton or fiber wicks, which would absorb the oil, heat it, and allow the vapor to flow through to the mouthpiece. Unfortunately, these wicks were cheap and prone to breaking down – creating a poor taste and substandard vaping experience, or even breaking completely. Wick-based cartridges also failed to vaporize more viscous cannabis oils, rendering them sticky, clogged and useless.

Ceramic heating elements, as with the high-tech CCELL vape cartridge, provide a quick and even burst of heat, vaporizing even the thickest oils. In turn, this creates a much smoother and more consistent draw, and a satisfying vapor cloud. Consumers prefer this because it mimics the experience of smoking a cannabis joint, without the irritation or unpleasant smell and flavor that often comes with it.

When choosing heating elements for your vape, you can also go a step deeper and explore your options for adjustable voltage batteries, which allows for the consumer to vape at lower or higher temperatures based on personal preference – exploring the full natural product flavor profile of your vape.

Innovations in Accessories

Today’s cannabis connoisseurs have higher standards than ever for their vaporizer products. They gravitate toward durable, stylish options that also appeal to the senses. These changes in preferences for hardware are not just practical – they are indicative of a more educated and discerning consumer base.

Think about the useability of your vape product. Would you rather it have an automatic battery, or a manual one? An automatic option is simpler, and more accessible to newer and older consumers. Manual batteries provide reusability, as well as control – including temperature control, for those who prefer to vape cannabis oil at a specific heat. Who will your vape appeal to the most?

Be aware that the vape market has evolved to cater to more aesthetic and tactile preferences. Mouthpieces, for example, can now be wooden, plastic, metal, or ceramic. Certain materials provide a greater sense of stability and look more high end, while others simply stand out or offer a new and unique mouth feel to the vape cartridge. These details will affect how customers remember your product.

Creating a timeless cannabis vape doesn’t require rocket science – just the proper equipment.

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