The Safest Cannabis Stock Play in 2019

The safest cannabis stock play in 2019.

The Safest Cannabis Stock Play in 2019

Cannabis stocks – are they lucrative? Are they future-safe investments? Most importantly, are they legal to invest in?

We know that there are millions of at-home investors who are eager to enter the cannabis space. However, there is still plenty of uncertainty out there when it comes to the volatile world of cannabis industry stocks, and their future in the market.

The safest place for cannabis investors is KushCo Holdings (OTCQB:KSHB). KushCo is the authority behind Kush Supply Co., Kush Energy hydrocarbon and solvent suppliers, The Hybrid Creative media agency, and Koleto Innovations packaging solutions. At KushCo, we are confident in our ability to provide value to this industry for decades to come, making us the safest cannabis stock to get involved with.

The Cannabis Universe

Assumptions about the cannabis industry are correct: it’s financially lucrative. However, the market is also incredibly volatile. This is partly due to the regulations surrounding cannabis, which are area-specific and often subject to sudden and drastic changes. Investors can simply look to the web for stories of several Canadian companies, whose rapid rise and quick fall marked the beginning of a new era for cannabis stocks.

Safe & Secure

Thousands of brands already trust KushCo to handle their specialized business needs, which gives us pride and credibility.

Risk is a valid concern when investing in cannabis companies. Thousands of brands already trust KushCo to handle their specialized business needs, which gives us pride and credibility.

Since Kush Supply Co.’s business does not actually touch the cannabis plant, our KushCo stock is completely legal worldwide, and thus, not at risk from state or local regulatory changes. As a matter of fact, we welcome and thrive on these changes in order to continue creating the most compliant and sustainable products that cannabis businesses need to move forward.

KushCo is also diversifying along with the growing cannabis legalization movement. Our operational footprint is worldwide, and we regularly sell to licensed cannabis businesses across the United States, Canada and beyond. These crucial interactions with retailers, brands, distributors, and larger multi-state operators gives us firsthand knowledge of all the latest industry trends throughout our global cannabis network.

KushCo’s stock is absolutely the safest place for cannabis investors. Looking ahead, overall market volatility in cannabis is likely to continue. However, because of our model and the way we have diversified with various services, products, and branding entities, we have taken the pole position in the “picks and shovels” sector of the cannabis industry – providing every business with every tool they need to bring cannabis to the masses.

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