Tips for Technicians – Common Oil Cartridge & Battery Maintenance Topics

Tips for Technicians – Common Oil Cartridge & Battery Maintenance Topics

The oil vaporizer is the unprecedented lifestyle revolution that is bringing cannabis to the masses.

There is a fast-growing consensus that vaping is the way to consume cannabis in the future. In the present, however, there are still many issues with vape hardware that plague the cannabis industry and its consumers.

The problem is simple: faulty and unreliable vape batteries and cartridges make customers frustrated, and results in losses for brands, distributors and retailers alike.

If your business deals in any way with vape components or finished vape products, it’s vital to use best practices for vaporizer maintenance. This means not only choosing the best quality hardware, but also ensuring proper handling and assembly. Doing so will reduce product returns – and earn credibility points for your brand.

Be detail-oriented

The first objective of any vape technician should be to create the ideal recipe of oil, cartridge, and battery. Each component has a variety of unique properties, and each must work in tandem in order to make it a top-shelf product.

A common mistake made when assembling vaporizer products is pairing the wrong sizes of equipment together. One example of this is not matching the cartridge aperture to the type and consistency of the oil you are filling the cartridge with, which could lead to clogging or leakage. Thinner oils work best with a smaller aperture, more viscous oils work best with a larger aperture.

Flow can also sometimes disrupted when there is a mismatch between viscosity and temperature. This leads in failure to creating vapor, and the sense of a “clogged” pen. Such uneven heating behaviors can be caused by older wick technology or just plain poor manufacturing.

Brands should research and consider which type of heating element and other components will be used to achieve the correct airflow and enhance the consumer’s vaping experience.

Invest in the experience

Every minute, action, and dollar spent on producing a vape pen ultimately results in a good or bad customer experience. Good experiences are simply a result of brands investing in quality oil and hardware.

Often, consumers complain of a “burnt” taste in their vapor when they inhale. This is more common with wick-based heating elements, which can overheat easily on a long inhale. In addition to the taste problem, wicks are not ideal for use with cannabis oil, because they do not offer an even heat for the oil, and can contain chemical residues.

Point of contact with the battery sometimes fails due to manufacturing errors. Always seek higher quality manufacturing when choosing your vape hardware lineup, as your battery should be truly reusable and long-lasting.

Vaporizers are high-tech, but delicate items. Broken accessories can be caused by rough handling – either in production, transportation, or the retail environment. Distributors and retailers should consider educating their staff on how to carry the bulk components and finished product without heavy jarring. This ensures that a greater number of vape pens will make it across the counter unharmed.

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